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Jethwa Automatic Can-Equip. Co.
Mfg., of 15 Ltr.-20 Ltr. Tin / Can Manufacturing Unit. Decoiling Machine, Film Rolls Can Machinery, Drum Machinery, Tin Machinery, Barrel Machinery, Bucket Machinery, Tin Making Machinery, Barrel Making Machinery, Bucket Making Machinery, Filter Seaming Machinery, Gang Slitter, Can Machinery, Can Making Machinery, Can Seaming Machinery, Power Press, Pioneers of Tin Can Making Machinery, Steel Drum Making Machinery, Barrel Making Machinery, Oil Barrel Making Machinery (200-220 Ltr., Barrel Mfg. Machines, 1-5 Ltr., Rectangular Can Making Machines. 1 to 4 Kg. Round Can Mfg. Machines.

Metal India Products Pvt. Ltd.
Tin Container, Food Can, Pesticide Can, General Can, Ink Can, Publicity Posters, Metal Caps, Integrated Tops, Bottoms, Lids, Designer Tin Containers, Aerosol Container, Screw Caps, Luq Caps, Edible Oil Tin Containers

Liberty Enterprises
Tin Containers, Metal Packaging, Metal Posters, MS Drums, Tin Containers Components

Zulfikar Tin And Paper Works
Manufacturer Of Tin And Paper Tubes

Rama Cans Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. of Tin Container.

Swastik Tin Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg & Exporters Tin Containers / Components.

D.B. Shingadia
Mfg. & Exporters Of Stainless Steel, M.S. Tin, Metal Container, Drum, Conical Drum, Machinery Plant, Dies .
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