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Precision Service Centre
Repair, Testing & Calibration Of All Types Of Energy Meter With Correct C.T. Polarity Test & Confirmation Of Multiplying Factor. Testing & Certifying Percentage Errors Of CT & PT at Site. All Types Of Relay Testing On Site, Maintenance Of All Types Of Control Panels & Apfc Panel, Energy Measurement And System Losses in The Network, Harmonics Analyzing And Solution, Preventive Maintenance & Retrofitting Of ACB, Switch Fuse Unit MCCB, RCCB, Motor Starters, Installation Of Meter, C.T. & P.T.Connection, Electrical, Communication Cabling Through RS 485

Dmet Laboratory
Metallurgical Testing Lab (Physical & Chemical Testing By Wet & Spectro For All Type Of Metals)

Konark Fixtures Ltd.
Herbal Extracts & Health Care, Flavours & Fragrances, Domestic UV & RO Water Purification System, Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants, Rainwater Harvesting, Testing & Calibration Laboratory, Designing & Testing Center, Bioremediation Solutions, Designing

Bombay Test House Pvt.Ltd.
Testing, Inspection, Certification.

Q Safe Consultants
Food Safety Consultant.

Cera Laboratory
Testing Laboratory For Ores, Minerals Cements, Glass, Ceramics, Micro-nuturients.

Ana Laboratories
Analytical Testing Laboratories For Petrochemicals & Oils, Environments, Food Products, Agriculture, Geo Chemistry, Chemicals, Metallurgy, Pesticides, Oils, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

Atlas Laboratory & Surveyor
We Are Service Provider Like Testing Edible And Non Edible Oils

Electronics Region Test Lab
Govt.Test & Calibration Laboratory

Gemological Science International
Gemological Laboratory That Provides Professional Gemstone Identification, Grading & Appraisal Services To The Free Jewellery Industry.

Geochem Laboratories (P) Ltd.
Inspection And Testing Of Products which include Agricultural Products, Processed Food And Beverages, Tea and Coffee, Metals And Minerals, Organic And Inorganic Chemicals, Dyes And Intermediates, Drugs And Pharmaceuticals, Engineering Goods, Petroleum And

Health Laboratories
Quality Testing Of Food Product

Hemetek Techno Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Universal Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine, Force Gauge, Metal Detector Machine, Permeation Testing Machine, Polymer Testing Machine, Testing Laboratory, Heat Sealer, Heat Sealing Machine

Metallurigical Services
An Indenpent Material And Water Testing Laboraotry

Reliable Testing Services
NABL Accredited Lab, Metallurgical & Corrosion Testing, Mechanical, Chemical Analysis

Sky Lab Environmental Laboratory
Testing Laboratories, Waste Water Analysis

M.J. Lab Pvt.Ltd.
Testing Laboratory, Analytical Laboratory.

D. Met Laboratory
Laboratory Testing, Lab Testing For Food, Laboratory Testing Water.

Laxmi Analytical Laboratories
Pigment Analysis, Textile Analysis, Plastic & Polymer Analysis, Coal Analysis, Fertilizer & Soil Analysis, Soaps & Detergent Analysis and Environmental/Water Analysis, Soil Investigation.

Diasys Diagnostics India Pvt.Ltd.
Spl.In Diagnostic System Solutions.

Doctors Ananlytical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Analytical Testing Laboratory, Water Analysis.

Ecological Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Consumer Products Testing Laboratories.

Patson Testing Services
Chemical Testing, Mechanical Testing, On Site Testing Laboratories.

Sitec Lab P.Ltd.
R & D, Testing Lab.

Metal Analysis And Services Pvt.Ltd.
Metal Testing Services, Which Include Mechanical Testing, Metallography , IGC Tests, Coating Test, Failure Analysis, Chemical Analysis, Wet And Spectrographic, Including PMI Test Etc.

The Bombay Textile Research Association
Surgical Face Mask Testing Laboratory.

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