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Alpha Chemika
Almond Oil Bitter, Almond Oil Sweet, Aluminium Metal Foil, Aluminium Metal Powder, Aluminium Acetate, Aluminium Benzoate, Aluminium Borate, Aluminium Bromide, Aluminium Carbonate, Aluminium Chloride Anhydrous, Aluminium Chloride Hexahydrate, Aluminium Chromate, Aluminium Citrate, Aluminium Fluoborate, Aluminium Borofluoride, Aluminium Fluoride, Aluminium Formate, Aluminium Isopropoxide, Aluminium Isopropylate, Aluminium Naphthanate, Aluminium Nitrate (Non-Ahydrate), Aluminium Oxalate, Aluminium Oxide Calcined White, Aluminium Oxide G Neutral, Aluminium Phosphate, Aluminium Silicate Hydrate Powder, Aluminium Silicofluoride, Aluminium Fluosilicate, Aluminium Sodium Phosphate, Aluminium Stearate, Aluminium Sulphide, Aluminium Sulphite, Aluminium Tartrate, Amberlite Ir-(Strong Acid), Amidol (2,4-Diaminophenol Dihydrochloride), Amino Acid, Aminophylline, Ammonium Tartrate, Ammonium Adipate, Ammonium Benzoate, Ammonium Bichromate Ar, Ammonium Dichromate, Ammonium Bifluoride, Ammonium Hydrogen Difluoride, Ammonium Borate, Ammonium Borate (Penta), Ammonium Ceric Nitrate, Ammonium Chloride, Ammonium Chromate, Ammonium Diethyl Dithiocarbamate, Ammonium Ferric Citrate, Ammonium Ferrocyanide, Ammonium Fluoride, Ammonium Formate, Laboratory Reagents, Silver Nitrate, Bromo Tolune, Acacia, Aceclofenac, Acetamide, Acetic Acid, Acetic Acid Glacial, Acetone, Acrylamide, Vinyl Cyanide, Adipic Acid, Aluminium Metal Powder, Nitric Acid, Acacia Toluene.

Gsp Dyes & Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Safranine O, Di-Ethy Safranine, Basic Violet 5, Basic Violet 8, O-Cresolpthalein, Thymolpthalein, Dyes & Chemicals, PH Indicators, Lab Reagents, Methyl Diethylsafranin.

Mfrs.Of Laboratory Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Silica Wares, Instruments, Glass Wares

Scitech Scientifics
Authorised Stockist Of Qualigens Range Of Product, Fisher Scientific Part Of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dlrs.In Laboratory & Industrial Chemicals, Surgical Items, Test Sieves, Scientific Instruments & Equipments, thermometers, Silicaware, TLC Plates, HPLC Columns, Membrane Filters & All Kinds Of Labware & Accessories, Specialised For Stockist Of All Types Of Lab Chemicals

Gsp Enterprises
Safranine O, Di-Ethy Safranine, Basic Violet 5, Basic Violet 8, O-Cresolpthalein, Thymolpthalein, Dyes & Chemicals, PH Indicators, Lab Reagents

Aditi Associate
ManufacturerOf Laboratory Chemicals, Dehumidifiers, Weighing Scales, Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, Furnaces, Conductivity Meters, Laboratory Testing Equipments, Laboratory Instruments, Temperature Controllers, Vacuum Ovens, Volt Meters, Ovens Industrial, P

Bhalchandra Traders
Dealers In All Type Of Industrial Hardware, Tools, M.S., S.S. & High Tensile Nut Bolts, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Valves, Fittings & Cylinders, G.I., M.S. & S.S.Pipes & Fittings, Metals, Electrical Products & Power Tools, Adhesive, Laboratory Chemicals, Stati

National Analytical Corporation
Laboratory Chemicals, UV Visible Dpectrophotometer Instruments & Spares, Visible Spectophoto Meter, FTIR Spectrophotomenter and Accessories, Refractometers, Laboratory Platinum Ware, PH Meter.

Sanjay Chemicals
API, Excipients and Laboratory Chemicals, Aluminium Collapsible Tubes, Automatic Cartonators.

Shree Akshar Enterprise
Laboratory Equipment, Weighing Machine, Scientific Instrument, Laboratory Chemical, Measuring Instrument, Stirrer, Mitutoyo TDS Meter, Weighing Scale, TDS Meters, Measuring Instruments (Misc.), Measuring Instruments Online, Weighing Systems, Weighing Mach

Smart Paddle Technology P. Ltd.
Iron Chloride, Construction Chemicals, All Type Of Packaging,Laboratory Chemicals.

Kiran Enterprises
Manufacturers of Lon Pairing Reagents, Lab Chemicals, Inorganic Salts, Specialty Chemicals.

Pnr Impex
Butyl Ether, Butyl Cellosolve, Laboratory Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals.

Pruthvi Chemicals
Sodium Chemical, Industrial Bismuth, Industrial Bromide, Laboratory Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Plastic Chemicals and Textile Chemicals.

High Purity Laboratory Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Laboratory Chemical, Buffers, HPLC Solvents and Bio Chemicals.

A One Distributors
Selling Laboratory Chemicals

A.Kumar & Company
Scientific & Lab. Instruments, Surveying Instruments, Metallurgical Lab Instruments, Filter Papers, Laboratory Chemicals and Glassware

American Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Dyes, Inorganic Metal Salts, Lab Chemicals, Lab Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Biological Stains And Indicator Reagents

Benzo Chem Corporation
Packing Materials, HDP Covers, Pellets Cover, Tefelon Washers And Laboratory, Industrial Chemicals

Chemtech Enterprises
Industrial & Laboratory Chemicals, Glassware, Instruments, Safety Items & Ganeral Industrial Supplier

Global Chemie
Wholesale Supplier Of Textile Auxiliaries, Textile Chemicals Like Amino Silicone Oils, Construction Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals

Hariom Chemicals
Lab Chemicals, Instruments, Glassware, Filter Paper

Harsha Enterprise
Laboratory Chemicals, Glasswares, Filter Papers, Solvents, Silver Sulphate, Silver Nitrate, Thermometers, TLC Plates

All Types Of Solvents, Allied Products And Lab Chemicals, Glasswares And Scientific Instruments

K.Patel International
Lab Chemicals / Reagents, HPLC Solvents, Culture Media, Fine Chemicals, Stain / Indicators, Metal Salts

Lab Chemicals Mumbai
Manufacturer Of Exporters Of Laboratory Chemicals.

Lab Chemicals

Loba Chemie Pvt.Ltd.
Fine Chemicals, Lab Essentials, Lab Chemicals,

Manisha Enterprises
Lab Glasswares & Chemicals.

Paresh Brothers
Laboratory Chemical, Glassware, Filter Paper, Instruments & Other Product Of Laboratories

Parth Fine Chem Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer Of Metal Treatment Chemical Rust-Preventing Chemical & Laboratory Chemicals.

S.D.Fine-Chem Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Laboratory, Bio-Chemicals

Scientific & Surgical Corporation
Exporters Of Scientific Instrument & Laboraotry Chemicals

Shree Jee Industries
We Are Manufacturer Of Scientific Instruments, Chemicals, Laboratory Wares, Lab Solutions, Diganostic Reagents, All Sort of Test Indiators Papers

Srl Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer & Suppliers Of Fine Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals & Dehydrated Culture Medias.

Titan Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer & Sustained Release Pallets & Speciality Pharmaceuticals

Uv Laboratories
Manufacturer Of Lab Chemicals.

Apex Drug House
Chemicals for Laboratories and Microbiology, Raw Materials for Pharmaceuticals.

Choksi Imaging Ltd.
Ultrasoun & Colour Droppler, X Ray Films & Chemical, X Ray Accessories.

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Animal Feed Supplement, Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Instruments.

Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Chemicals for Laboratories and Microbiology, Raw Materials for Pharmaceuticals Chemicals for Cosmetics.

Manufacture And Imports Of Laboratory Chemicals And Intermediates In Semi-Bulk And Bulk Quantities. We Are One Of The Leading Manufacturers Of Hplc, Ar/Gr And Lr Grade Laboratory Reagents & Fine Chemicals.

Union Drug & Chemical Co.
Wholesaler, Distributor, Supplier and Trader of a Huge Range of Laboratory Chemicals, pH Indicators & Papers, PH indicators solids and solutions, Amino Acids, Range of Solvents, Carbohydrates and Derivatives, Dyes & Stains, Drying Agents, Reagents for Biochemistry, Reagents for Molecular Biology, HPLC Buffers, ION Pairing Reagents for HPLC, Range of HPLC Solvents, Clinical & Diagnostic Reagents, Acids, Mercury Salts, TLC Plates, Whatman Filter Paper and Medical hand Gloves.

Shri Hari Fine Chem
Laboratory Chemicals & Glassware.

Nova Oleochem Ltd.
Inorganic Laboratory Chemicals, Inorganic Analytical Chemicals, Toilet Soaps, Edible Oils, Silver Nitrate, Selenium Salts, Ammonium Molybdate, Bath & Body Care Products, Cobalt Salt, Bismuth Salt, Molybdenum Salt, Manganese Salt, Nickel Salt, Cadmium Salt, Sodium Tungstate & Selenium Dioxide.

Tejas Enterprise
Analytical Instruments, Lab Chemicals , Lab Filtration Solution.

Viresh Chemcials
Chemical Dealers , Lab Chemical Dealers

Science Corner
Importers, Exporters And Leading Suppliers In All Types Of Medical & Research Lab Equipment Scientific, Surgical & Analytical Testing Instruments.

Qualichem Industries
Lab Chemicals, Glassware.

Shriji Scientific And Chemicals
Manufacturers And Stockiest Of Laboratory Chemicals, Solvents, Scientific Lab Instruments Etc.

Pharmakem Enterprises
Trader Of Laboratory Chemical And Chromatography Equipment.

Meher Chemie
Manufacturers & Stockist Of Complete Range Of Pharmaceutical Instruments&Chemicals,Scientific Instruments & Glasswares, Laboratory Chemicals.

Orient Scientific And Chemical Co.
Lab Instruments, Disposable Surgical Device, Medical Devices, Laboratory Chemicals.

Malti Enterprises
Wholesaler And Trader Of Lab Chemicals And Industrial Chemicals.

Kiran Light Laboratories
Laboratory Chemicals and Reagents

Laboratory Chemicals, Scientific Apparatus, Laboratory Glassware, Borosil Laboratory.

Earth Chemical And Scientific Pvt.Ltd.
Distributors & Stockist of Laboratory Chemicals & Solvents .

Chemi Udyog
Leading supplier of Laboratory Chemicals/Reagents & Equipments for the Domestic as well as International Market

Bhavi Chem
Dealer Of All Types Of Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Instruments, Glass Wares Etc.

Bijdeep Corporation
Exporter Of Laboratory Chemicals, Lab Chemicals & Instruments And Glassware.

Arihant Sales Corporation
Dealers of Laboratory Chemical Glassware instrument Filter paper Balance etc,

Nova Chemicals And Trading Co
Water Treatment Service and Technical Support, Laboratory Chemicals, Equipments Labortory Scientific, Geographical Instruments, Engineering Equipments, Bulk Chemicals, Geographical Instruments, Furniture Lab & Instrument.

Syrohchem Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
roducts Speciality Chemicals Manufacturer of Laboratory Chemicals, Carbohydrate, Protein & Lipid, Analytical Standards, Pharmaceutical Standards, API Reference Standards & Working Standards, API Impurities, Excipient Standards, Spectroscopy Reference Standards, Bulk Solvent, NIST Traceable Standards.

Thomas Baker (Chemicals) Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Fine Chemicals and Laboratory Reagents. Laboratory Chemicals, Analytical Reagents, Spectroscopy, HPLC and Gradient Grade Solvents, Biochemicals, Aminoacids, Stains & Indicators, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Paints & Pigments, Dyes & Intermediates, Cosmetics & Perfumery.
Montana International
Industrial Belts, Timing Belts, V-Belts, Timing Belts, Variable Speed Belts, Conveyor Belts, High Quality Power Transmission Belts, Variable Speed Belts, Ceramic Belts, Coated Belts, PU Round Belts, PVC Belts
Aquacare Solution Enviro Engineers
Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Engineering Consultancy Services, Bag Filters, Carbon Filters, Cooling Towers, Demineralisation Plant (D.M.Plant), Dm Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants (Etp)
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