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Ups Hygienes Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers For a Range Of Disinfectants, Hygienic Products Useful To Hospitals, Pharma Industries And Food Industries, Microbat Handwash, Dermakleen Ultimo, Enzymatic Cleaner, Enzycide, Aseptol, Hyposept, Mopping Liquid, Sterile Products, Medicated Hand Wash, Alcoholic Hand Rub, Chlorhexidine Hand Rub, Hand Scrub, Surgical Hand-Body Wash, Sanitiser Gel, Instrument Sterilisation Liquid, High Level Disinfection, Sterilisation Liquid, Drill Disinfectant, Moping Liquid, Aldehyde Free Instant Disinfection Formula, Silver Nitrate (Ag N03) + Hydrogen Peroxide (H202)Formula / Formalin Free, Fumigation Liquid, For Wound-First Aid, Moping / Fumigation Liquid, Rust Remover for Medical Instruments, Lubricant for Medical Instruments.
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