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Metzer Biomedical Hi-Tech Optical Instruments
Optical Systems for Biological Biomedical Pharmaceutical & Hospital Laboratories. Esteem Series Microscopes | Video Microscopy & Image Analysis Systems | General Biological Microscopes | Projection Equipment | Upright Metallurgical Microscopes | Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes | Video Microscopes & Image Analysis Systems | Stereo Microscopes | Tool Room Microscopes & Profile Projectors | Metzer Megavision Digital Profile Projector Table Model Megastar Mega-8031 | Metzer Megavision Digital Profile Projector Table Model Megastar Mega-8031 | Bionucular Pathological Coxial Microscope , Large Advanced Binocular Research Microscope Esteem, Large Advanced Trinocular Research Microscope Esteem, Demonstration Task Force Video Microscope, PC Based Microvision Systems Task Force Computerised Research Microscope , Megavision Multipurpose Sterozoom Inspection Microscope System , Slit Lamp with Binocular Corneal Microscope For Eye Investigations, E.N.T. & General Surgery MBE-6029 and Opthalmic MBE - 6030 Operating Microscope, Incident - Light Fluorescence Microscope , Deluxe Student Microscope, Deluxe Medical Microscope, Hi-Tek Low Cost Versatile Field Microscope, Monocular inclined Microscope, Binocular Microscope, Trinocular Research Microscope, Projection Microscope, Economy Portable Overhead Projection VFM, Binocular Metallurgical Microscope, Trinocular Metallurgical Microscope, Trinocular Metallurgical Research Microscope, Advanced Binocular Metallurgical Microscope mainly recommended for Metallurgical, Advanced Metallurgical Microscope Mainly Recommended for Metallurgical / Industrial Laboratories, Inverted Binocular Metallurgical Microscope, Inverted Metallography Workstation Based of Le-Chatliers, Universal Demonstration Research Video Demonstration Microsocpe, Multitech PC Based Microvision System Fast Track Computerised Research Microscope, Stereo Microscopes, Trinocular Streo Zoom Microscope, Binocular Streoscope Zoom Microscope , Multipurpose Stero Microscope, Tool Room Microscopes & Profile Projectors, Toolmakers Microscope, Video Profile Projector Table , Shadowgraph Profile Projector Table Top, High-Tech Digital Table Top Profile Projection,

Dhanwantari Medical Systems
Dental X-Ray Machines, Hospital Equipments, X-Ray Machines & Dark Room Accessories, Dental & Opthalmic Appliances & Instruments, Biomedical Equipments, Electromedical Equipments, Intra Oral Camera

Orange India Enterprises
Biological and Chemical Indicators/ Sterilization Products.
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